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that cheesecake is actually pretty.


Gorgeous looking treat you made there! And what a luxurious place to enjoy the Tokyo view and be pampered. Great blog! One that's very informative and easy to navigate - love it!

Leon Koh

you look so radiant and charming.. I enjoy looking at your pictures and really wish for that cappuccino too :)

and i love your cake too.. nice job!

your reader
Leon Koh from singaBore


Hi there.
Looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday. All the best for the next one. And yours of course:)


Such a lovely high tea - and congratulations on your cheese cake.


All 3 look great--but the High Tea best of all! Perhaps this is because I have such an abiding love for tea, and can't have it recently. :( (No fermented things...except for some kimchee and plain yogurt. No soy. No Vinegar...)

Well, I've got your blog in my reader and pop in occasionally--usually when a stack has built up.

When I was young, it was my great dream to do a High School exchange to Japan (sadly my family changed their minds at the last minute), so I read your travels and menus with relish. Thanks for sharing here, and I hope you'll continue even after the Happy Event! :D

jean tan


Love reading your blog n enjoying your pictures.

Jean Tan - Indonesia

Elsie  Zhang

envy those scones !
we don't have much here in montreal, so every time we go to toronto we'd go to tim horton to buy some even though they are like you said giant and dry [sigh...].
for the losing of hating gooey &creamy thing, i think it's all because of the baby--that's what he wants[it still seems to me you are having a boy ]. i started to eat spicy food when i was pregnant with my 1st one,to eat sweets with the 3rd one. and now only 1 of my 3 kids [2nd one] likes salty food like i do. by the way, my husband likes bitter stuff [goya]. it's very 面倒臭いto figure out what to cook every night!
hope you don't have to cook for 3 different tastes later on.

love your blog ! i check every day to see if there's an update.

and all the best to you all.


Joyeux Anniversaire Hideaki!Joyeux Anniversaire Amy!Je le dis encore une fois : tu es resplendissante!


Happy Birthday Hideki!
High tea looks like tons of fun.
Would you add a recipe for your keema curry?


I went there at night once, and from the looks of it may have sat in the same seat. Here is a night shot: http://traveljapanblog.com/wordpress/2010/06/lost-in-translation/

How much did you pay? Drinks at night are well over 1,000 yen each.


Ahh,what is it with Japanese husbands and their birthday currys?! But I have to applaud your DH for also being a cheesecake lover(mine just wants that awful "Furu-che" mix thing to compliment his b-day curry).Your cheesecake looks divine and good fodder for the baby;-)

Not long to go now.My No 2 was due on the same day 2 years ago.Didn't quite make it but she lives by her own rules;).Enjoy the last few weeks and all the scones you can!


Thanks for the comments!

Elsie, I'd be really tempted to assume my new taste for cheesecake is completely pregnancy related, but my palate has been slowly growing up a bit and in recent years I have added olives and avocados to my list of favourite foods. I can also tolerate, and sometimes even enjoy, mayonnaise, which was once my most hated food. I guess I'll find out soon whether the cheesecake thing is permanent or not!

Very nice pictures, Al. We had dinner at the New York Grill ages and ages ago, and have been to the Peak Bar a few times too. Stunning night views and excellent food and drinks. Peak Bar actually has a pretty good happy hour sort of special, and if I weren't pregnant we'd have gone for that (I think it's under 5000 yen for nomihodai and a very nice selection of appetizers). The tea was about 3200 yen, which I think is extremely reasonable.

Marianne, if my husband is so easily pleased that all he wants is curry, I'm not going to complain! And I didn't even know what "Furu-che" was, but after looking it up I'm glad I don't have to make it!

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I was amazed with the cake. Very simple yet lovely. I want to make something like that.


Hullo Amy, Firstly, congratulations on the arrival of Shuma James. I am new to your blog, and would like to ask if the 3200 yen quoted for afternoon tea was for one or two? I would guess one, it being i) Tokyo and ii) Park Hyatt. Thanks.

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